Teeth In A Day


If you have broken & missing teeth that is impacting your ability to eat & smile, this whole mouth restoration may be the answer!

Are you ready to get your smile & confidence back? Living with broken & missing teeth, not smiling trying to hide them, and not eating foods because of the pain isn't living your best life.

Dr. Andrew Turke can give you full-arch replacement teeth that are permanently fixed in your arch via multiple implants, look totally natural, are the closest mechanically to natural teeth offering near full biting and chewing power, and will not slip or irritate your gums.

Best of all these teeth do not have to be removed each night! Imagine the freedom of no longer worrying about what you can eat (you'll be able to eat everything), cleaning your dentures (you will need to brush), and eliminating the burden of removing your teeth each night and placing them back in your mouth in the morning.

With Teeth-In-A-Day you will be able to smile your brightest smile with perfect looking teeth for your grandkids birthday / graduation / wedding picture and begin to feel positive emotions that’ll boost your confidence. Reason being, when you make yourself smile you stimulate the same area of the brain that’s active when you’re smiling naturally. You are essentially commanding your brain to start feeling more positive emotions.

If missing & broken teeth has caused you to cease smiling, reduce eating and withdraw from social functions Teeth-In-A-Day can be the answer to reverse these negative traits.

Teeth In A Day Palm City FL

Teeth In A Day Prosthetic

  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated

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